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Master of Business Administration - Joint Degree Programs

mbamha imageMBA/MHA

The Joint Degree MBA/MHA program incorporates an efficient combination of the most significant components of the Master of Business Administration and Master of Health Administration programs. The course of study culminates with neither a separate MBA or a separate MHA; rather, the Joint Degree MBA/ MHA is an intensive single degree program. The program is intended primarily for clinicians and healthcare managers whose career paths require advanced competencies in both quantitative and qualitative aspects of management. The program will be of significant benefit to persons who have worked in healthcare for at least five years. Individual arrangements may be developed for persons with less tenure in the health sector. A highlight of the program is an eight to ten day international study where students travel in Europe, the United Kingdom or Canada under the direct supervision of Pfeiffer professors.

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mbamsl imageMBA/MSL

The Joint Degree Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Leadership program is specifically designed to integrate key elements from both existing programs to provide a degree option for students. This joint degree program leads to the awarding of one master's degree with study in two related disciplines. The primary focus of most existing MBA programs is to provide the student with an overall understanding of the key functional areas of an organization with a heavy emphasis on systems and quantitative approaches. As such, most MBA programs do not provide the student with an adequate understanding of the human behavior-leadership side of an organization. On the other hand, students focusing on the behavioral-leadership side of an organization can benefit from an enhanced understanding and appreciation of the key functional areas of organizations. This joint degree program is designed to provide the student with the best of both worlds, i.e., a solid background in the key functional areas of an organization, coupled with a major focus on effective leadership and change management knowledge and skill.

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